• November 30, 2020

What does Amazon Prime Day Have On Sale?

What does Amazon Prime Day Have On Sale?

Amazon Prime day sale is July 15-16 during this period of around 48 hours the online retail giant sells its items at a lower price than usual to prime members. 

Amazon started Prime day in July 2014. It gets bigger and better every year.  Amazon has not yet announced 2019 Prime day. It is never too early, prepare yourself, to catch up on your back to school, Christmas and birthdays shopping.

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What does Amazon Prime day have on sale?

Many people call it Christmas or Black Friday in July.  Thousands of deals are offered on everything from Books, baby stroller deals, prime day tv sales, digital downloads, appliances, you name it. Lightning deals stars go fast every 5 minutes for everything offered to Prime customers.

Amazon Prime day deals are usually in the form of daily deals, set for a period of time. You will find a lot of home appliances, baby gear, diapers, baby clothes to furniture at unbelievably low prices.

Take advantages of low prime day prices to stock up on back to school supplies. I expect the sales to get even better this year, given the success Amazon reports every year.

How do I participate in Prime day sales?

Simply become a member of Amazon Prime to take advantage of the benefits. 

Benefits of becoming an Amazon Prime Member

At a small monthly membership fee, you will get access to: 

  • FREE 2- Day shipping on all Prime items all year round.
  • Audible offer you a FREE audio book & 2 Audible originals every month. 
  • Over 2 million songs included in Prime membership
  • Access to Amazon movies and other TV shows.
  • Exchange any audio books you do not like at no extra charge. 
  •  You can cancel your subscription anytime, you get to keep your audio books.

The good news, Amazon Prime membership has a 30 day free trial period in case you find out it is not for you.  You can sign up for your 30day free prime membership trial here.

How to watch for lightning deals.

  • Download the Amazon app on your phone, then turn on notifications.  You can watch for lightning deals on your pc as well. 

  • Go to Today’s deals Amazonthen click on lightning deals on left side menu.  

  • Click watch this deal, under any item(s) of your choice.  These deals come and go very quickly.

  • You will receive a notification on  your phone when the deal is about to start. 

  • Sign up for to receive Amazon alert email. 

Is Prime Pantry Available for Prime Members?

  • Yes, first register for Prime pantry membership, to save on pantry items.

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How does Prime Pantry Amazon Work?

  • Amazon Prime members are able to shop for Amazon food items, shampoo, toilet paper, diapers, beverages, etc in everyday sizes, then have it delivered at their homes for a set shipping price. Be sure not to miss out on Amazon pantry discount, sign up here for Amazon Prime membership. 

  • Remember to set your zip code correctly in your destination. To make sure the items are available in your shopping area. 

  • Add items with the words Prime Pantry  to your Amazon basket.

  • Many Prime Pantry items have coupons and deals. Click on the box next to the coupon to save more money at check out.

  • The first item  you add starts your your Pantry box. Each Prime Pantry item takes up a certain percentage of a Pantry box that is based on the item’s size and weight. 
  • As you add Prime Pantry items to your  shopping cart, Amazon will track and display how full your box is.

  • You can buy as much or as little as you wish. Proceed to check out when you are done shopping. 

My Favorite Home Gadgets on Amazon.

I purchased the Instant pot on last year’s Prime day, i tell you, i am glad i did. It is such a time saver during busy school evenings.  You can make everything from chicken wings, pork ribs, pulled pork, rice, soup, broth, yogurt, you name it. 

 I bought this Kenwood kitchen machine after a recommendation from a co-worker. She said her machine had broken down after using it for 35 years, that is right 35 years. 

I have had it for 2 years now, no issues at all. We use it at least once a week. 

Favorite Self Development Books

 Four years ago, I subscribed to audible books free with prime membership,  i switched to reading self development books.   They have helped me become a better person. I have better relationships with the people around me, I regret not starting earlier on the self development journey.  

I started growing my library, something i am very proud of.  It is never too late, to start reading books. Here are few books that transformed my life.

This book is hand down the best self development book i have ever read. It teaches you ways to shift your thinking and take emotional inventory . How to understand and embrace your core self. Many of us purchase material stuff to make us happy, but the truth is happiness comes from your core, the only place you can control.  

The Compound Effect is centered around the premise of slow and steady wins the race. The author goes in detail to show us examples of the small things we do or neglect that have a pro-founding effect on out relationships, finances and health. This book is a must read for anyone yearning to change the state of their lives. 

Jack Canfield shows you the specific success principles for breaking through and achieving success in your relationships, work, and health.

The necessary steps you need to change negative patterns keeping you from achieving your goals.


Like Jack Canfield says, you have control over your thoughts, the images you visualize and the actions you take.  The Success Principles will help pave the way to achieving true and sustainable success. 

 This book is a must read, if you are looking to improve your communication with your family members, if you work in sales, management, communicating with your children etc.  

You will need to make some notes. Keep going back to your notes as it is not a one time read type of book.  

I bought this this book after i stumbled on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s psychology lectures on Youtube.

He teaches young men and women how to take individual responsibility and get their lives together.

He enhances the ability to advise the youths and has got me to rethink my approach to my own life. I wished he was around when I was growing up. 

The Richest Man in Babylon taught me the concept of paying yourself first. I had never heard of it before. It amazes how the money accumulates from paying yourself first. 

In my humble opinion, i think it should be on every school’s reading list, to teach our children about finances.  

Think and Grow Rich is one of the best books I have ever read. There is so much insight and wisdom, you need patience to understand it. 

Failure is a necessary part of our learning process, it gets us closer to your goal, if you persist.

You need to burn all the bridges that are holding you back, so you can achieve your goals. He sums it up this way: You can have either excuses or results, but NOT both.

Jim Rohn is considered as the major pioneer in the self development world. His book The Seasons of Life taught me about dealing with life’s ups and downs. 

We can not change the seasons, instead we deal with the cards we are dealt. 


It is about determination, complaining never got anyone anywhere.  Almost everyone out there faces some kind of turmoil, it is all about how you set your sail. 

I have almost all Jim Rohn’s books, i keep going back to them, for more inspiration. Farm boy from Idaho, made it big in Beverly Hills. 

There are many good self development books out there. I can not go through all of them. 

What happens on Amazon Prime day


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