These Woven Bamboo Lamps Add A Natural State To Any Internal
This black modern lamp and pendant light is handmade using artistic weaving techniques with bamboo wood, to create modern home decor.

Maison Craft, a create firm based in Thailand, focuses on striking forward the venerable craftsmanship of weaving that is stumbled on at some level of Thai villages.

Made out of excessive quality bamboo, unlit steel, and brass, the immense woven wood pendant lights are outlandish in create, giving any room an creative touch.

Made from high quality bamboo, black metal, and brass these modern large woven pendant lights are unique in design, giving any room an artistic touch.

The flexibility of bamboo wood permits the craftsmen to experiment, and showcase novel and intriguing shapes.

The flexibility of bamboo allows for these modern woven black pendant lights to have intriguing shapes.

The total bamboo wood is planted and picked up in the quite a bit of provinces of Thailand, guaranteeing that the work of local artisans is supported.

These modern black woven table lamps are made using bamboo wood that's planted and collected in the various provinces of Thailand, ensuring that the work of local artisans is supported.

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