• November 24, 2020

Inexpensive Things Mom Will Love On Mother’s Day

Inexpensive Things Mom Will Love On Mother’s Day

You, just like me are probably wondering what to do for mom this Mother’s day.  A few inexpensive things mom will love on Mother’s day. Being a mom myself, I appreciate my mom on another level. Becoming a mom changes your life, your priorities change, i never knew another kind of love existed before i had our children. 

I have done some digging, and come up with a few inexpensive things your mom will love on Mother’s day. 

  • Mom will love to sleep in this Mother’s day. Treat her to a delicious breakfast in bed. This is a classic inexpensive thing to do for mom on the morning of Mother’s day. Serve her variety of her favorite breakfast foods.

  • Everyone likes a nice meal. Take your mom out for a meal. Whether it be breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Take her to her favorite restaurant.  Alternatively, mom will love a nice home made meal. Make her favorite dinner, serve it to her. 

  • Schedule  a surprise home spa session for your mom right at her home.  Mom will love a manicure, pedicure or massage this Mother’s day. She will remember this for a long time.

  • Family games are classic as well.  Set up a scavenger hunt around the home. Hide small cute inexpensive items around for mom and other family members to find.

  • Flowers are the classic gesture on Mother’s day. Send some flowers, mom will love them this Mother’s day. 

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A few gift ideas under $50 for mom on mother’s day.

This Bracelet is perfect for the mom who loves Essential oils.

Promising customer review: Written by the wife it was purchased for. I absolutely love this! I had been in the hunt for a small infuser for months to help at work. My husband found this and surprised me with it. It came with 6 different scents and they all help keep me calm at work. Some of the oils are also good for keeping bugs away. It’s small enough that no one else can smell it and looks like a super cute bracelet. Mathew Lane


This Custom baby feet pendant with Swarovski crystals,  is perfect for new or expectant mom.  

Customer review: Very cute! I was pleasantly surprised by this product and absolutely love it. I thought the chain might be thin, but it is pretty sturdy. My 6 month old grabs it constantly and it didn’t break. I would highly recommend.TLC


This home spa gift set is perfect for Mother’s day.  Mom will love some pampering this Mother’s day. 


Customer review: The Home Spa kit for women was so appreciated, I bought it twice. The lavender fragrance lingers lightly in your bathroom and there is a luxurious feel to almost every product enclosed in a shiny bathtub-basket. My wife and daughter-in-law share a bathroom and they loved this gift. David Cuthbert


This is Journal is an ideal gift for soon to be mom and baby. The new mom will love to capture little moments especially firsts.  

Customer review: I bought this for my daughter on her 1st Mother’s Day. She wrote me a note saying “Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a journal and this is perfect. It allows be to record a quick thought for the day then I have multiple years all on the same page I can compare as I go.” As a working mom many times the balancing act is hard but you want to record life events. Yet it’s so hard to document full pages. This is just the right thing to share a main thought that documents your day for future then compares that date for the next year or in 4 years to come. PWtlc


This beautiful mug looks exactly like the picture. Your mom or the girl in your life will love it.

Promising customer review:  I bought this for my wife and she absolutely loved it! Gabriel Barboza


This gift basket with assorted chocolates is a very popular Mother’s day gift. 


Promising customer review: Amazing chocolate, and it shipped fast! I work definitely recommend this to anyone looking for that special gift. Christopher Benamati


This Mother’s day Cheese board & Cutlery set is a great gift for the mom who enjoys wine and cheese.

Customer review: The appearance of the board is very nice. The finish is excellent, the board has good size and the tools are very well made not cheap accessories. The board is sealed well cleans up easy, no hard stains to remove. Overall very nice cheese board, the drawer with the utensils is a little tight, pulling it in and out, however it seems to loosen up with use. I would definitely recommend. Cowmanhunter


Super soft throw blanket has snugly and elegance feel. Mom will definitely love it. 

Customer review: There is so much negativity in the world, so it is nice to have a blanket that has such positive thoughts. I sleep under it at night, and it is warm and comforting. The color is a deep grapey purple and the other side is warm fleece. I like it. Serene Night

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This is maternity bel is the  ultimate gift for the expectant mom.

Customer review:  I got this for my niece who is having a tough time being pregnant. She said it has help with her lower back pain so much. She was very thankful for it. She’s able to do more that before now that she has better back and belly support. Crissy

New born photography props perfect for studio photography, backdrops or photo shoots.


Customer review: Exactly what I expected. Perfect size for small backdrop. Amazon customer

This pregnancy pillow is a great gift, gives full maternity support for the expectant mom.

Customer review: I couldn’t decide between the C- and U-shape which is what attracted me to this specific pillow. Being a stomach sleeper, I woke up several times by just rolling on to my stomach in my sleep. My initial attempts to prop myself up resulted in poor sleep waking up to an uncomfortable neck and back. I just received my pillow yesterday. I fell asleep almost instantly and only woke once at no fault of the pillow. I will say that it seems flimsier that pictured so I hope this doesn’t affect its longevity. Jennifer Toste

Non toxic clay for baby hand & foot print makes a great gift for a new mom gift, baby registry or baby shower gift. 

Customer review:  Everything came as advertised and it all came out perfect! It goes without saying, but make sure your baby is in a deep sleep while doing this project so they don’t grab the clay with their little hands. You only have about an hour to do it and it may take a couple tries to get it how you like it. Liat the owner was very helpful with any issues that may arise. I would buy this again for myself and for a gift again! Bobby

Soft fleece Baby monthly milestone blanket is good gift for a new mom, baby shower gift.

Customer review: I wish I had gotten this before his one month picture but either way it’s super cute and soft. Really good quality as well. Katie

The Sonogram Picture Frame. Expectant moms will live it, to keep their pregnancy ultrasound images. 

Customer review: Perfect size. Fits the photo’s in great and the last picture of “Here I am” is so cute to see baby. If you have more than one child the third photo of the frame will help to identify whose ultrasound pictures are for which child. C.Leeman

All natural Lavender gift set   is perfect for the pregnant mom to relax and have her feet up. It is made in USA, completely toxic free. 

Customer review: The person receiving this gift loved everything about it. It was given as a new mom gift.
It was on time, wrapped with the card I wrote. That’s all I need to know people did their job.
Thank You. SullyGMoney

This Gourmet gift basket is a little over $ 50 but your mom or any girl in your life is definitely worth it. It has a range of different items from crackers, cheese and chocolates etc.


Customer review: It was a gift for my Son and his wife. They said it was spectacular. Maureen Davis

Full length water bottle with fruit infuser  is a good gift for moms out there. It comes with a recipe book. 

Customer review:  I used my new infuser bottle today for the first time filled with lemon slices. I love it – it doesn’t sweat all over my desk (I am a teacher) and it makes it easy for me to know I have reached my water intake amount. I could never seem to get my water intake in before. I am crazy for this product and give it 5 stars for sure – worth every penny. Thanks so much! Nancy A Longino

Magnetic Monthly Planner to help mom get organized daily. It comes with an extra weekly planner as a bonus. 

Customer review: I love this calendar. We used paper calendars on our cork board and it was not work anymore for me. So I bought this and it has helped organizing our busy lives. The planner we use for our son to help organize his week better. It has been great! Nettie

This gift for mom who loves indoor green plants. It is beautiful, and maintains color. 

Customer review: A nice little tree for the price. Some of the pictures make this tree look like it’s been setup for root over rock, but it’s just a rock that they’ve placed next to the tree. Shipping was 2 days from when they shipped it and the tree arrived in great shape. It was packaged well and the soil was still wet. It will need some wires and pruning, but it’s a great starter tree in a cool little pot. Very happy with my order, will update if I run into any issues with the tree. Jimboslice

This Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree is also ideal for the mom who is into indoor plants. 

Customer review: Beautiful tree, and survived the shipping very well. Wonderful customer service also, would definitely recommend! E.S

Mom will surely love this Recipe box. It keeps all the recipes in one place, keeping the kitchen counter neat. 

Customer review: This is gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing this recipe box for a long time, but couldn’t justify the price. Then, I received a &25 gift card to Amazon for my birthday so I pulled the trigger. I’m so thrilled with it and can’t wait to fill it with our favorite family recipes. It arrived well packaged with no damage whatsoever. The print and color are even more beautiful in person. It will make a great decor item in my kitchen, as well. I know this will become a treasured family heirloom.J A Sefano

This designed and  laser engraved bamboo serving and cutting board will make a special Mother’s day gift for mom. 

Customer review: Beautifully crafted. My mom LOVED this for Mother’s Day! gabby M

A Make up bag is a great Mother’s day gift for the mom on the go.  It is expandable with 14 pockets. 

Customer review: I Just received my organizer! I’am in love! All of my things fit in this organizer and I still have room to place things! I like the idea of the outside pockets are lined with a waterproof lining. One side has four large pockets. The other side two large pockets and four smaller pockets. There are two outside zipper pockets and one inside zipper pocket. There is a zipper to close organizer. Seems well made. Fabric seems durable. I will give a update on the durability! Crystal A. Walker

Neck & Back massage pillow with heat is a great for Mother’s day. It provides muscle relief. Mom will love it. 

Customer review: So this device gives a pretty solid neck massage to the point where I am sore. I bought it as a Christmas present for my father who has spasticity in his neck from a stroke he suffered. His neck muscles are like hard rocks as are mine as that is where I “carry” my stress around on a daily basis. After using this massaging tool, his neck relaxed a great deal. As with any massage, your body reverts back to tightness, but it’s nice to have some relief! I used it as well and it made my muscles in my neck and back sore (which a good massage does). I am very impressed that this little device has the power it does! I would not recommend using while driving but maybe as a passenger (also included with your purchase is a vehicle outlet charger). If my thoughts change on this device, I’ll modify my post, but for 30 bucks, you can’t beat it.Surthnbelle

There you have it, a few inexpensive things Mom will love on Mother’s day. 

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