• November 30, 2020

How To Plan A Vacation Under Budget

How To Plan A Vacation Under Budget

There is a lot of emphasis on saving money, but it is easy to forget that life can be taken away any minute. Don’t be afraid to see the world, a vacation under budget is a great way to make memories with the people that matter to you, you never know when your time is up.  

The main purpose of a budget is so you can afford the things and achieve the goals that are meaningful to you. But many times, budgeting stresses saving for retirement. Whether you want to retire early or wait until the 60s, retirement is not a given. Don’t forget to spend some of that money before you die.

Traveling to other places is an investment to your health, you disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, recharge your body and soul, reconnect with your spouse/partner.  

In addition to experiencing other cultures, food and drinks. There are many ways to do a vacation under budget and still have fun.

How to travel under budget

  • In your monthly budget, include afun money category. Put that money away every month. Use that money to cover for airfare and/or hotel. Then continue putting away the fun money, this will cover your meals while travelling. 

  • Alternatively, write out all the trips you anticipate you will make within a year. Split the anticipated amount of money throughout the year. 

Put away money every month towards those trips. This will help you stay within your monthly budget without feeling the pinch when the trips come up. 

  • Is your schedule flexible or do you find budgeting uncomfortable? Book 6 months in advance to get international tickets at lower cost depending on the destination country.  Scour the internet and track flight prices for best travel deals.

  •  Scottscheap, expedia, trivago skyscanner  kayak and skiplagged Search for different days of the month, prices sometimes vary. Flights are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Flights with multiple connections as they are usually cheaper.  

  • Find out whether the local bus services the airport and other tourist attractions.  Stay with friends while travelling to save on accommodation. 

Under budget vacation meal ideas.

Save money on food while on vacation, take with you prepackaged dry foods like oats, teabags, granola bags and trail mix.  Buy snacks and simple foods from local grocery stores.  

Some hotels let their guests take with them snacks from the breakfast bar. Carry a water bottle to refill rather than buying water. Keep in mind though, some countries have unsafe tap water.

If possible avoid tourist group tours from tour companies. You can still do most of these activities on your own by taking the regular bus or renting a car. 

Study the value of the local currency, take a look at the coins and bills so you don’t hand over large denominations instead of smaller ones, i.e handing over a 50 bill instead of a 5 bill embarrassing yourself and making yourself vulnerable to theft.

Is it necessary to buy travel insurance

Even though you will doing a vacation under budget, when traveling abroad, always get some basic travel insurance to cover the cost of unpredictable circumstances like acute illness, hospitalization, injury or your need to return early or cancel the trip because of an emergency. 

You may not be covered by the country’s healthcare system because you are not a citizen. Always declare pre existing conditions when speaking with your insurance agent. 

Under budget car rental hacks

You need to have your car ready when you step off the plane. This ensures that you get a car at a great price. Booking a car from the airport is not only costly ( additional surcharges), but you might not find any car depending on the season. 

Use a credit card to pay for your car rental. Many credit card companies cover primary insurance on rental cars, on condition that you pay full price upfront.  Do you have Costco membership? Through Costco Travel, you can find great car rental deals with Enterprise, Budget, Avis and others. 

Walk around the rental car before you drive off the location. Take pictures of any dents and scratches with your phone, including timestamps. This saves you from allegations and subsequent fees/lawsuits.  

Beware of road tolls, some car rental companies charge a flat rate of up to $5 for every time you pass through the tolls. If possible  prepay for the toll fees online. 

Autoslash tracks your reservation and may find you better deals using your Costco membership. They do price comparisons before for you, and can re-book you at a lower rate.

Priceline uses Express Deals to save you money. However you will not know the car rental company until you pay. Stay away from upgrades, use a premium credit card for automatic coverage.

Rent a wreck rents used cars cheaply. These come in handy for you who are travelling to expensive tourist places. On the downside though, the cars may be located slightly away from the airport. You may need to take a bus or uber get to their location.

To get the most out your  under budget vacation, take with you an unlocked mobile phone, then buy a local sim card, utilize the free wifi at the coffee shops, restaurants, hotel and the airport.  You will save a lot of money on the phone bill. 

There you have it, a few hacks to help you make the most of your under budget vacation to reconnect with your spouse, your children, recharge your batteries or just to tick off certain locations off of your goal sheet. 

Under budget travel hacks


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