Behemoth by Jason Martin at Lisson Gallery

British artist Jason Martin fair fair nowadays accomplished an exhibition at the Lisson Gallery in London, where his Behemoth sculpture modified into on advise as allotment of his Infinitive show.


Description from the Lisson Gallery:

In a fearless original work, Martin has dramatically transcended the two-dimensional. On arriving at the gallery, the visitor is confronted by the broad, matt sunless, cubed block, Behemoth, measuring 3m x 3m at its nefarious and over 2.6m high. Comprising layer upon layer of stacked virgin cork lined in pure sunless pigment, the squatting sculpture dominates its atmosphere. The work is no longer skill to model in a single perspective and the spectator is forced to negotiate its facets and edges, unable to to find entry to its top. Concurrently dismay inspiring and intimidating, elusive and alluring, Behemoth accesses a shared primal memory: the Kaaba of Mecca, a mausoleum to a prolonged useless dignitary, an inviolable alchemist’s field. Before the total lot well-known and impenetrable, nearer inspection unearths the gnarled, pitted unruly surface of the untreated, pigment-blackened cork, sourced from the residing around Martin’s Portuguese studio. Its natural undulations and inconsistencies echo the raw, labored, sculptural surfaces of Martin’s pigments. The construct of Behemoth, and its bodily presence in the gallery residing, echo the theatrical preoccupations of Minimalist sculpture however the aged and organic nature of the topic topic conversely alludes to an inherent human myth that belies these conceptual concerns. Behemoth marks an intensive departure in Martin’s oeuvre.

Refer to the Lisson Gallery web web page – right here.

Behemoth 2012 ©Jason Martin
Photography Courtesy of Lisson Gallery, London



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